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With great expertise comes great content. At Humareso, our mission is to educate our clients, employees, partners, and industry colleagues about the latest and greatest HR insights via our vast array of brands, blogs, and newsletters.


Some of the amazing content we offer.

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The Humareso Blog is a platform dedicated to sharing insightful perspectives and valuable insights on various topics relate d to human resources and workforce management. With a focus on providing practical advice and thought-provoking articles, the blog aims to support HR professionals in navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

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With rotating “hosts,” each Carnival brings together a unique blend of content – including blog posts, podcasts, and video submissions – and introduces readers to new creators. Humareso is proud to serve as the Carnival "Ringleader" and carry on this proud 16-year tradition by coordinating a community of HR content creators, illuminating voices, and promoting ideas. 


TalentTalk is an engaging webinar led by Robin Schooling, Director of Talent Strategy, covering a range of topics including talent acquisition, recruitment, and other intricate HR subjects.




The Humareso Swag Shoppe is a collaboration of our team's finesse, showmanship, and comedy. Limited edition apparel and HR-branded merch are just a click away. 



Expect nothing less than frank, fun, and extremely informative conversations that tackle the pressing issues of today's human resources landscape. We sip coffee, but we spill the tea—giving you actionable insights and strategies you can apply immediately to elevate your game in the HR world.