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Leave Management

Devoted to supporting your organization and your employees

with Leave procedures

Let us provide peace of mind to your organization with award-winning support for your employees!

Why Leave Management?

Today, there is a preponderance of employees working from home in states outside of our sitused locations. There are more states and local governments that continue to pass leave legislation regularly. When you consider that these laws can be applied consecutively or concurrently, the challenge continues to grow. Navigation through these requirements can be daunting for most employers leaving you wide-open to costly errors, penalties and lawsuits. When your employees come to you asking for leave for the care of themselves, care for family or bonding with their newborn, do you know the answers to:

                              What am I eligible for?

                              How much time can I take?

                              How much notice do I need to give?

                              Will I be paid for the time?

                              Can I use PTO?

                              Are there disability benefits available?

                              …. And so on.

Humareso has a department devoted to supporting your organization and your employees with answers to these very questions and more. Our experts can and will advise you on what is compliant and best practice. The Leave Team provides your employees with compassion and support at a time which can be challenging to navigate. Employees will have direct access to Leave Administration whenever they need it.

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