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But First... Coffee!

Hosted by John Baldino and Jackye Clayton

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The HR talk show "But First, Coffee" hosted by John Baldino and Jackye Clayton, serves up a rich blend of HR expertise and insightful discussions, much like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. John Baldino, with over 25 years in the HR profession, is the President of Humareso, a firm providing human resources strategy and outsourced administration. He's known for his ability to tackle complex HR issues, such as the emotional and mental health challenges in workplaces, especially post-pandemic.

On the other side of the table, or should I say coffee shop, is Jackye Clayton, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Textio. Her insights often focus on the integration of human interaction within HR technology, emphasizing consistent messaging and culture in remote working environments.

Together, John and Jackye bring a unique flavor to the HR discourse. Their discussions percolate through a range of topics, from the nuances of talent sourcing and retaining human touch in HR, to addressing the holistic needs of employees in today's evolving work environment. Their show serves as a robust platform for HR professionals seeking to energize their practices with fresh ideas and grounded strategies, just like a good cup of Joe kickstarts your morning.

Remember, in the world of HR, it's important to stay grounded, keep brewing new ideas, and sometimes, take a moment to sip and savor the rich experiences and knowledge that seasoned professionals like John and Jackye offer.

Latest Episodes

But First, Coffee.

Join Textio's VP of Talent Acquisition and DEIB Jackye Clayton and Humareso President John Baldino as they break down HR hot topics, dance to 80's classics, and seek to empower us all in front of a live, virtual audience.


Hosted by Robin Schooling


DriveThruHR is a captivating, easy-to-digest, and occasionally irreverent discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals. Our 30-minute shows include our guest and host(s) discussing a variety of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR. Hosted by @MikeVanDervort, @RobinSchooling, @TheOneCrystal and @DwaneLay. Running continuously since February 1, 2010. #DTHR

Latest Episodes

Leading in Color

Hosted by Sarah Morgan



Leading in Color is a bi-weekly podcast about cultivating intentional, positive workplace experiences and environments. From recruiting and hiring to training and development to coaching and discipline to policy and strategy to trends and hot topics. Leading in Color tackles each area thru a lens of diversity, equity, fairness, and inclusion. Leading in Color also highlights the unique challenges and cutting-edge creativity of leading with social consciousness in the corporate world. Join our host, Sarah Morgan, as she navigates these conversations in solo and guest interview episodes to provide practical advice and simple action steps for success.

Latest Episodes

More than just award-winning HR outsourcing.

Learn how Humareso allows companies of all sizes to drive organizational health through true employee engagement, strategic workforce planning, and invested management training.