Our Philosophy

“While people remain core to any business, human resources is meant to affirm and uplift. Skilled human resources practices set a tone of human compassion, advancement, and innovative empowerment.”

- John Baldino, President


John Baldino


With 29 years of human resources and leadership development experience, John’s passion for setting contributors and companies up for success is still going strong. John is a keynote for US and International Conferences where he shares content and thoughts on leadership, collaboration, and innovation, employee success, organizational design, and development as well as inclusion and diversity. John is, also, the proud dad of three amazing young adults. 

John founded Humareso to strategize with companies to develop plans to manage talent, recruit for skills gaps based on employee inventories, assess markets for growth, develop long-range succession plans and influence a culture of enthusiastic buy-in.

Humareso provides outsourced human resource services, including its flagship HRO plan, which helps businesses save money, increase productivity and reduce legal risks by providing dedicated HR consulting for compliance, training, performance management, employee relations, workplace management, discipline, and other important HR best practices.

Human instinct.

Our ability to understand the needs and core values of our clients remains our top priority.

We focus on creating an atmosphere that elevates the business environment and engages employees to grow in their careers. Our process is simple. We celebrate the employees and secure our client’s organizational values and foundation for a better tomorrow.

Human resources is an art form. Balancing the law, various organizational construct principles and the differences in people takes great skill and a hunger to improve the balance daily. At Humareso, our human resources specialists strive to be the dynamic partner to companies who are seeking to make their vision and mission a reality while remaining compliant, culturally astute and profitably mobile.

Our Process



We learn about your vision and mission, so we can cultivate and hire the best. Business strategies, skills, abilities, and talent…we understand it all.



A one-of-a-kind human resources plan to simplify your HR management and administrative tasks, based on the personnel management services your company needs.



Seamless integration starts with a structured on-boarding plan aimed at immediate productivity and fewer obstacles.



We champion the culture that fosters employee growth and leadership skills that result in business victories.


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