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“While people remain core to any business, human resources is meant to affirm and uplift. Skilled human resources practices set a tone of human compassion, advancement, and innovative empowerment.”

- John Baldino, President


The Humareso Philosophy.

Humareso sits strategically to support an organization’s vital talent needs. Talent is what we believe in cultivating. We look to drive organizational health through true employee engagement, strategic workforce planning and invested management training.

Having a culture that values people, policy and performance in right measures is the differential needed to stand apart from other organizations. Whether your organization has 10 or 100,000 employees, dynamic human resources will build corporate strength and recognize talent contribution.

Our Clients.

Human resources is an art form. Balancing the law, various organizational construct principles and the differences in people takes great skill and a hunger to improve the balance daily. At Humareso, our human resources specialists strive to be the dynamic partner to companies who are seeking to make their vision and mission a reality while remaining compliant, culturally astute and profitably mobile.

Our values
Our history

Our History.

With advanced degrees and accreditation from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), each associate possesses a strong knowledge base as well as a value for learning for which Humareso is known. In an ever-changing legislative and business landscape, it is vital to have Human Resources professionals that can lead and direct organizations to remain compliant and competitive

We believe in the cornerstone of character, a clear mirror reflecting our actions, a testament to our commitment to truth and transparency.


We believe in a reliable rhythm
that builds trust and connection, echoing our commitment across time.


We believe in striving towards the future with confidence, shaping tomorrow with today's actions.


We understand that the journey matters as much as the destination and that the strength of our promises
is proven in their fulfillment.


We believe in blending individual strengths into a symphony of collective success, where shared effort turns potential into reality.


We transform work into passion, a vibrant melody that infuses every task with energy and enthusiasm, making success a celebration.


Meet the Team



With 30 years of human resources experience, John Baldino's passion for setting contributors and companies up for success is still going strong.  John is a keynote for US and International Conferences where he shares content and thoughts on leadership, collaboration and innovation, employee success, organizational design and development as well as inclusion and diversity.  

John has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, SHRM Publications and is a regular contributor to the Humareso Blog. He is, also, co-host of the wildly popular LinkedIn Live webcast, “But First Coffee.”

John is currently the President of Humareso, a global human resources consulting firm, and the husband of 1 awesome wife and the dad of 3 amazing young adults. 


BJ Anderson

Director, HR Operations

Recognized for their ability to engage with individuals at all organizational levels, BJ's career journey from office administration to an invaluable business partner has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of business facets and an instinct for providing sound advice during periods of explosive growth.


Jamie Aquila

Director, Technology

Jamie Aquila is an award-winning technologist, designer, architect, and 4x tech startup CTO. His projects have been named a LinkedIn Top 50 Startup in 2018 and a Startup Of The Year “Top 100 Startups” in 2020.

Jamie jumps back into the HR space after evolving NYC restaurant job board into a global HRIS for the service industry.


Robin Schooling

Director, Talent Strategy

An experienced senior level HR leader, Robin promotes innovative and forward-thinking talent and HR strategies. She co-hosts the @DrivethruHR, podcast, writes for a variety of publications including her own blog, and is a global speaker at HR and recruiting events.

Named by HR Executive Magazine as one of the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers in 2019 and 2020, she has served on advisory boards for HROnboard, BlackbookHR, Smartbrief on Workforce, and the Louisiana Business Network.

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Sarah Morgan

Director, DEI

With 20 years of HR experience, Sarah serves as Humareso's Director of DEI, leveraging her expertise for positive change. As the voice behind 'The Buzz on HR' blog and 'Leading In Color' podcast, she addresses diversity issues, promoting modern HR practices, and is a recognized HR community asset.

More than just award-winning HR outsourcing.

Learn how Humareso allows companies of all sizes to drive organizational health through true employee engagement, strategic workforce planning, and invested management training.