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FREE Webinar - Wednesday, March 24, 2021 @10:00am–11:00am

Virtual Onboarding: A Link, A Plan, A Heartbeat, and a Little Bit of Luck

Developing an onboarding plan for the way work is being done today requires thoughtfulness, execution and measurement. This session will work to define those areas and provide tactical approaches. This presentation will cover:

- Communication Strategy
- Technology Expectation
- Organizational Values Affirmation
- Mentoring
- Evaluation/Feedback

Alloy Academy attendees will walk away with the ability to:

- Forge a new hire experience which handles compliance, orientation, management expectations and a defined setup for success.
- Create a framework for a communication strategy for all parties regarding new hires. This framework will set the expectations for interaction and training, along with defining roles and responsibilities for various staff in the onboarding process.
- Analyze technological opportunities currently available in their companies with an eye towards gaps that would equip employees in a more beneficial manner.

Join us on March 24th to hear from the president of Humareso, John Baldino, about how to successfull onboard remotely as we navigate the new normal. Bring your questions!


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