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Events and Community

How to Understand and Leverage Your Authentic Culture to Recruit, Engage and Retain Your Workforce | 9/11-12/2019

Focusing on your authentic culture isn’t a passing fad after all. No longer a “millennial” thing or a “Silicon Valley” trend, it is now a workplace fundamental essential to recruit and retain top talent. Workplace “engagement cultures” are replacing ridged processes once central to operations, with flexible processes focused on the true heart of successful companies…it’s people. Research shows 89% of leaders believe building an organization of the future is important, yet, only 11% know how

iSPA Conference, The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

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Afternoon Delight: Creating a Sustainable Environment of Acceptance and Belonging in a Quick Results Culture | 9/17-19/2019

In the July-August, 2016 issue of Harvard Business Review, Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev wrote: “It shouldn’t be surprising that most diversity programs aren’t increasing diversity. Despite a few new bells and whistles, courtesy of big data, companies are basically doubling down on the same approaches they’ve used since the 1960s—which often make things worse, not better. Firms have long relied on diversity training to reduce bias on the job, hiring tests and performance ratings to limit it in recruitment and promotions, and grievance systems to give employees a way to challenge managers. Those tools are designed to preempt lawsuits by policing managers’ thoughts and actions. Yet laboratory studies show that this kind of force-feeding can activate bias rather than stamp it out.” So what do we do now?

North Dakota SHRM State Conference, Alerus Center, Grand Forks, ND


HR Tech | 10/1-4/2019

As the industry’s leading independent event for 20+ years, HR Tech features an unrivaled cutting-edge agenda for HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes! With a primary focus on driving HR success through technology, the HR Technology Conference is intended for those looking to continuously optimize usage of current HR systems as well as those looking to buy. It’s where you’ll gain the insight needed to help you make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your organization’s unique needs.

The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV


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