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Events and Community


New Jersey Paid Sick Time Review | 9/19/2018

This seminar is being provided to update attendees on the latest aspects of the New Jersey state mandated Sick Leave. Attendees will garner a better understanding of the benefit itself, adherence and usage. The program will also go over what is required of an employer for this benefit. The seminar will conclude with updates and discussion of other Hot Topics related to HR Compliance.

SHRM Credit approved

Masonic Village at Burlington
Burlington, NJ 08016

8:30AM – Noon


Afternoon Delight: Creating a Sustainable Environment of Acceptance & Belonging in a Quick Results Culture | 10/15/2018

“It shouldn’t be surprising that most diversity programs aren’t increasing diversity. Despite a few new bells and whistles, courtesy of big data, companies are basically doubling down on the same approaches they’ve used since the 1960s—which often make things worse, not better. Firms have long relied on diversity training to reduce bias on the job, hiring tests and performance ratings to limit it in recruitment and promotions, and grievance systems to give employees a way to challenge managers. Those tools are designed to preempt lawsuits by policing managers’ thoughts and actions. Yet laboratory studies show that this kind of force-feeding can activate bias rather than stamp it out. As social scientists have found, people often rebel against rules to assert their autonomy. Try to coerce me to do X, Y, or Z, and I’ll do the opposite just to prove that I’m my own person.” – HBR

The problem is that our nature as a people group is rarely touched despite the mandated diversity training, handbook signoffs and “employee knot” exercises.  The American business community has believed a feigned causation from training to behavior modification.  Science tells us that is just not so.

Behavior changes through a desired, consistent and actively worked process.  Repetition in mental correction and pertinent application is a daily workout.  There is not much of difference regarding physical change as there is mental change – behavioral change must be continually affirmed and addressed.

Garden State SHRM Conference

Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey