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Events and Community

Workforce Planning: The Future of Work | 4/29-30/2019

Learn to align your current and future workforce with your organization’s strategic goals. Support the implementation of a talent management strategy by exploring the critical aspects of workforce planning within your organization. Explore how to develop targeted human capital solutions based on data-driven analyses of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can ultimately help your business leaders make well-informed decisions and mitigate business risks. Work through a case study to practice your new skills and to prepare yourself to implement workforce planning strategies back at your organization.

SHRM, Carlyle room, 330 John Carlyle Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


Pay Equity: What’s Required, What’s Real and What’s Right?  | 5/7/2019

There has been much talk about compensation equity being forced upon companies, but is this true?  We will unpack the law as written as well as some case law to correlate.  Secondly, what is really happening in the marketplace?  From a competitive advantage standpoint, organizations must consider how they participate in talent acquisition and talent retention.  These are real considerations for the modern talent pool. And thirdly, what is the right thing to do?  How companies choose to market their companies is a reflection of values.  What’s right for your organization might surpass the base minimum of the law, and that might be just what you should be doing!

Graham Company, The Graham Building, One Penn Square West, Philadelphia, PA 19102

(This session is part of a larger agenda. The entire program is 10AM to 2PM)


Inclusion, Diversity and Equity: Building a Culture of Excellence | 5/13-14/2019

Develop successful inclusion and diversity practices and strategies for your organization.  Explore programs, policies and best practices for achieving equity and diversity objectives. Discover the links between diversity, human capital and business strategy implementation, and organizational performance.

  • Develop a diversity strategy that fosters inclusion across the organization
  • Gain stakeholder support by using metrics to build credibility for HR initiatives
  • Learn a framework for building credible diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Determine key metrics for diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Establish diversity training that moves beyond compliance

Convene LA, 777 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017


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